10+ Easy Sublimation Projects for Beginners

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10+ Easy Sublimation Projects for Beginners

Howdy, Have you tried sublimation crafting yet? Using the images on our Creative store for sublimation allows you to create perfect craft projects right in the comfort of your home. We have been updating the latest sublimation designs so we thought the awesome digital designs would inspire you with sublimation files. Let’s spend time and look around all of the crafts you can make with sublimation printers, printable files, and heat sources.

Sublimation Craft Ideas

We begin with the basics of making a T-shirt with sublimation designs. As your blank has at least 60 percent of polyester content and is a light color, a sublimation image is a great way to add some personalization. Sublimation ink bonds with the fabric so you are left with an artwork that will last the life of your T-shirts.

Moreover, What if you want to apply cotton blanks and or dark colors? You need an idea for that. One way is to sublimate onto something like glitter HTV. That way your sublimation images bond with the glitter surface and the HTV bonds with your fabric.

 Sublimation ink is translucent, which means that the colors of any base will show through the print. If you have a shirt with enough polyester content that is dark, another option is to bleach the area you will be sublimating. Then you can see your image and you get all of the benefits of the sublimation process. You don’t have to stop at just shirts, however! There are so many fabric items that are made from polyester and will work for sublimation. We have found blankets, scarves, towels, hats, pillows, and more.

You can sublimate on items for outdoors like a garden flag or markers. Imagine creating your own personalized garden flag for every season.

But what if you don’t want to sublimate on fabric? You can also find sublimation blanks that have a polyester coating in a lot of materials. Metal tumblers come in a wide range of sizes and are a great way to get started. You can even sublimate tumblers in a small convection oven.

Metal sublimation blanks come in other shapes and sizes. There are literally thousands of options so this post is just scratching the surface of what is possible. One of our favorites is sublimation license plates because everyone can use a little personalization in their lives.

Another popular sublimation material is ceramics like mugs, tiles, and more. Remember, however, that this process will not work on mugs from any old store. You need to find items that are poly-coated specifically for sublimation in order for the process to work correctly.

However, once you find a good source for blanks, you will find yourself wondering if you can sublimate just about everything in your life. Plus, sublimation items like keychains make great gift ideas or even party favors.

In fact, you may even find some unique blanks like these sublimation sequin pillowcases. All of this is possible with a sublimation printer, files from my Creative SVG Idea shop, and a heat source.

So, pick up some sublimation blanks and get started on your sublimation crafting journey today. Don’t know where to start? Well, we have you covered there as well. From beginners to more advanced crafters, we have something for everyone! So, sign up here and join us now. We know you are going to love working with sublimation.




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